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KT와 주식 맞교환에 대한 합의


Finally, SKT and KT agreed to exchange shares on November 14, 2002.

Total numbers of shares to be exchanged are 29,808,333 of KT Shares (9.64%) held by SKT and 8,266,923 of SKT Shares (9.27%) by KT.

Pricing scheme for the stock exchange will be selected between two alternatives. First, the shares will be exchanged at KRW 50,900 per KT share and KRW 224,000 per SKT share, respectively. The share prices reflect 5-day market price during November 4, 2002 and November 8, 2002. Second, SKT will pay fixed amount of KRW 334.5 billion to KT, and the exchange price for both shares will be re-fixed accordingly.

To expedite the transaction, SKT and KT will use intermediary as agreed by two parties. The agreement is valid until January 15, 2003 with further extension, if necessary.

Board of Directors approved the Share Exchange Agreement between SKT and KT. Top management of SKT will endeavor for maximization of shareholders’ value, including share cancellation.


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