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SK텔레콤, 세계최초 동기식 3G (1x EV-DO) 서비스 상용화

– The world’s first commercial service started in In-Cheon on January 28, 2002 and the Company plans to expand the service to 81 cities by the end of the year
– The service is expected to be the catalyst for active use of Wireless Internet Access, Video Conferencing and VOD etc.


SK Telecom Launches The World’s First Commercial Synchronized 3G (1x EV-DO) Service

SK Telecom (President Mun-Soo Pyo, opened the 3G-mobile communication era by launching the world’s first commercial CDMA2000 1x EV-DO (Evolution-Data Optimized) service in In-Cheon, one of the metropolitan cities in Korea, on January 28, 2002.

Having successfully carried out the test service in November 17, 2001, the Company started its commercial 3G service in In-Cheon. It plans to expand the service to Seoul by February and to 26 major cities including the host cities of the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup by April. By the year-end, the Company is scheduled to increase its service areas to 81 major cities throughout the country.

SK Telecom has decided to launch the first 3G service using a PCMCIA* terminal (Manufacturer: G-Tran, Price: KRW 444,000 or $340) designed exclusively for wireless data use in PCs and PDAs. The Company plans to put up general-type terminals by April and VOD/Video Conferencing terminals by May, which will enable the Company to introduce to the visiting world soccer fans the world’s first synchronized 3G service.

The CDMA2000 1x EV-DO, a synchronized 3G service, can transmit data at a maximum speed of 2.4 Mbps, 16 times faster than the current CDMA2000 1x (144Kbps), allowing subscribers to enjoy the web-surfing at a similar speed as in fixed-line broadband and interactive high speed data transmission.

Since SK Telecom’s 1x EV-DO service utilizes a technology that allows users to enjoy smooth moving image at over 10 frames per second while the users are moving, the Company plans to furnish VOD, animation, photo mail service as well as high-definition video conference service and accelerate the conversion of current contents into color and multi-media oriented ones.

SK Telecom will add an auto-roaming function in the 1x EV-DO terminals from 1x EV-DO to CDMA2000 1x service, so the 1x EV-DO subscribers will not experience any hand-off problem in areas where the 1x EV-DO service is not available.

Initially, SK Telecom has decided to charge the same CDMA2000 1x packet rate of 2.5 won for the 1x EV-DO service. As general type terminals become available for sale in April, the Company plans to introduce several rate programs for the 1x EV-DO service, which allows the customers to enjoy the service more economically.

In regard to this service, El Joong Kim, Head of Network Business Division at SK Telecom, said, “Sprint in U.S and KDDI in Japan are planning to launch the commercial 1x EV-DO service around the end of 2002. It is another remarkable achievement that SK Telecom provides this service 6~12 month ahead of any of the leading overseas mobile operators”

By being another world’s first with the CDMA2000 1x EV-DO service on top of the previous stellar records like the CDMA cellular service(January 1, 1996), the IS-95B service(August 16, 1999) and the CDMA2000 1x service(October 1, 2000), SK Telecom reconfirmed its global competitiveness in synchronized cellular technology.

*PCMCIA : A type of terminal used exclusively for wireless data, utilizing a wireless card that is inserted in a notebook computer or PDA.


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